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BurgFlex ®
Integrally Flanged “B” Type

The single layer belt can be provided either as a fully hand molded Burgflex ® joints are available with or without various arch profiles molded into the body. The service temperature is limited by the material rating. B-type joints are used frequently in fan applications due to their minimal hardware requirements and vibration/sound attenuation.

Flat Belt Type “A” Type

Available in single layer or composite belts mounted parallel to the duct on attachment frames. The frames may be either bolted to mating flanges or welded directly to the ductwork. See above for standard frame profiles. Flat belt types are commonly used in high temperature applications and where a setback is recommended or required or required. This configuration can be designed to readily accept various accessories such as telescoping or floating flow liners, cavity pillows and fly ash seals.

Explanation of Single-layer expansion joint belts

Single layer expansion joint belts consist of one material layer only. According to the application area, The layer is manufactured from either fabrics, Various (Flouro) elastomers or fluoropolymers with fabric reinforcement as composite materials.

Single layer expansion joints offer the utmost tightness and chemical resistance as is required when exposed to heavy condensate. We are the leading suppliers of expansion joints, both the PTFE-based fluoropolymers and the original virgin multi layer (KFM) fluoroelastomers, Specifically designed for application in flue gas cleaning systems.

BurgFlex - Expansion Joints - Alimex Group
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