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Material Technology
BurgFlex ®

BurgFlex ® expansion joints are made from a combination of materials that have been used for many decades, and others developed more recently in response to technological advancement and demands of consumers. All materials used to make Burgflex ®  expansion joints undergo a battery of tests and control procedures which replicate actual conditions under which the expansion joint must operate. The materials are tested in the following areas:

• Flexibility

• Temperature resistance

• Chemical resistance

• Mechanical strength

• Heat Convection

• Recovery rate after compression

• Tensile strength

• Abrasive and tear strength

BurgFlex - Expansion Joints - Alimex Group

Materials and Application Technology Combined to Provide the Best Possible Engineering Support Experience & technology enables Burgflex ® to provide its customers with the very best engineering and technical support.

We are able to:

• Document design with detailed construction drawings, measurements and instructional drawings along with information on relevant specifications for other components.

• Provide the best materials based on operating conditions • Design for optimum survivability

• Protect plant duct work and operating systems from vibrations and thermal stress.

Standard Belt Materials

(Material code refers to Continuous Operating Temperature Limit in degrees F.)Various single layer and composite belt materials are available and are selected based on the specific application temperatures and flow media characteristics. Burgflex ® utilizes the highest grades of the materials including: Elastomers, Fluoroelastomers, Fluoropolymers, Fluoroelastplastics and Metals. (Carbon & Stainless Steel, Monel®, Inconel®, and Hastelloy®) in manufacturing our products. We are a Genuine DuPont Dow Elastomers Viton

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