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BurgFlex ®

• Absorb axial, transverse and torsion movements

• Corrosion and chemical resistance

• Negligible spring rates and loads

• Easily repairable and installable

• High cycle life

• Unique application solutions

• Vibration dampening and sound attenuation

• More movement in shorter face-to-face

• Less force to flex than metal expansion joints

BurgFlex - Expansion Joints - Alimex Group

• Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance

• Temperature capability range(-110°F to more than  2,000°F)

• Lower shipping and installation costs

• Variety of flexible belt materials available:        

• Single-layer and composite belts        

• Elastomers have excellent abrasion resistance      

 • Custom designed for each specific application

BurgFlex - Expansion Joints - Alimex Group
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