100% PTFE with pure PTFE dispersion designed and specially braided for high pressure valves, Mixers with very low speed in chemicals and very aggressive media. 

PTFE with graphite fibers and graphite compound & lubricant. Very high flexibility and stability of volume. Doesnot embitter or age. High density construction.

100% ( Gore PTFE) lubricated with pure PTFE dispersion and PTFE lubricant squre cross section high density high structural strength.

Type R300 made from 100% white PTFE as static multi use sealant, for valve spindles , Flanges ( quickly and securely sealed, ends to be twisted - replacing gaskets) , Static  rings.

About us
Our ultimate goal is to help in making a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. We take the environmental challenges extremely seriously and we work hard to face them and eliminate their dangers.
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For all inquries, Suggestions or comments please contact us through one of the methods below:
Alex. office
Cairo office
Factory: New Burg El Arab 4th Industrial zone, Block 13,#12

258 Abd El Salam Aref St. Louran

(+203)  5865653

(+203)  5865654
1 El Marwa Buildings Ahmed Taysir St.,Heliopolis.

(+202) 24177821 - 24177894

(+202) 24177894
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