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INTRODUCTION TO BurgDC ® - Dust collector

Every plant needs efficiently working “lungs” to operate, and with no doubt, they are the Bag Filters inside any manufacturing facility. Alimex, with its extensive knowledge in filtration since 1982, has been designing, manufacturing and installing

  • Dust collectors (BURG DC)

  • Filter bags ( BURG FILTER)

  • Cages (BURG CAGE)

  • Cyclone separators ( BURG CS)

as well as supplying all the components in a dust filtration line.​​

Our scientific approach to the problem of dust is taking into consideration the physical and chemical features of dust that needs to be collected; We choose our fans only after doing extensive math to measure the pressure drop as a result of the various components present in the dust line, such as the suction points, hood design, length of pipes, expansion joints, elbow joints etc.
Based on our experience, we support customers with any filtration problem and we take into consideration all dust aspects: from specific weight, temperature, type of dust to be treated, dust concentration, dust load, dust granulomere, physical and chemical compatibilities between the media filter and dust as well as the dust humidity.

We also design the cages to number of wires, type of attachment needed inside the tubesheet, choice of valves and nozzles venture. Moreover, our support helps facilitate the sections and installation of the dust evacuation protocol, be it a screw conveyor, rotary valve or a simple clapper valve.
Some cases might require cyclone separations in the line before the bag filters and although this may require higher pressure drop in some cases, however it ensures that the filter bags can survive longer and function better due to the centrifugal effect which ensures the elimination of the bigger particles, leaving only the smaller ones caught by the dust collector.

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