Alimex Group was founded by Eng. Samuel Naguib, in 1982.
Alimex Group is the first company in the Middle-East to produce Sealing Devices all Asbestos-Free! Our annual Turn over for projects is 30 $ MUSD.

This is the result of continuous unrivaled hardwork of outstanding technical engineers, excellent customer support, reputable partners and suppliers, and an experienced leadership team for over 35 years.
Our products lines are Filter bags, Expansion Joints, Packing (Sealing Devices), PTFE Products and Dust Collectors and Fluorescent Powders.
Alimex is a Share Holding Company, with over 35 Million L.E. Capital. We have 60 workers in our Burg-ElArab Factory, 20 employees in our Alexandria office and 15 employees in our Cairo office.
Our ultimate goal is to help in making a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. 

Our Mission Statement is: To continually exceed our customers’ expectations of Quality,Service, Effectiveness and Value.
Alimex - The Best Solution for your environmental technical issues Alimex Inds. SAE, was founded in 1985 as supplier of sealing devices and succeeded to gain customers confidence and become the sealing problem solver in Egypt.​


In 1997 , Mr. Samuel Naguib founded our production facility «Alimex Inds. SAE» introducing the following products: BURGSEAL , BURGFLEX, BURGFILTER, and recently Alimex introduced BURG-DC.

Alimex succeeded to lead the Egyptian market with its top quality products and competitive prices. Our market leadership is the result of our long technical experience.
In 2007 , Alimex founded a new company in Canada to take care of our designs and purchasing of high quality row materials from North America and Europe. This enabled us to extend our successful activities to the rest of the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and North America.

Today Alimex Inds. SAE is represented in a lot of countries in Africa, the Middle East, North America and Australia. Alimex is very successful to win the confidence of big contractors from the cement industries, power stations and chemical applications in Canada , Egypt and Middle East.

We have committed ourselves to hard work to be «The Best Solution for your environmental technical issues». You can rely on our well-trained and experienced team to work hand in hand with you.Our team includes technical engineers, sales professionals, after sales and customer service representatives , all with just one aim, to always be «The Best Solution for your environmental issues».

About us
Our ultimate goal is to help in making a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. We take the environmental challenges extremely seriously and we work hard to face them and eliminate their dangers.
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For all inquries, Suggestions or comments please contact us through one of the methods below:
Alex. office
Cairo office
Factory: New Burg El Arab 4th Industrial zone, Block 13,#12

258 Abd El Salam Aref St. Louran

(+203)  5865653

(+203)  5865654
1 El Marwa Buildings Ahmed Taysir St.,Heliopolis.

(+202) 24177821 - 24177894

(+202) 24177894
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