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BurgFilter finish treatments can greatly improve your bag life, cake release, resistance to abrasion, static dissipation, and protection from harsh application conditions. Our fabric treatments combined with various medias of different types and weight can provide the best possible filter media choice for your demanding application. How a fabric filter media is finished depends upon the desired physical specifications, surface finish and requirements of the application.

Types of Finishes for Fabric Media:

Singed: This process involves exposing the surface fibers to an open flame to melt back the loose fiber ends to which dust particles could adhere. The singing improves dust cake release and adds very little cost to the product. This is the most popular type of finish used today.

Glazed: Known as calendaring, this process involves putting the felt through two heated rollers that melt back the loose surface fibers and can also compress the felt to smooth the surface and improve dust cake release.

PTFE membrane: A thin laminate of Teflon® is thermally bonded to the outside of the filter bag. PTFE membrane is used to greatly improve both the filtration efficiency and the cake release ability of the filter bag. The membrane is relatively expensive, extremely fragile and care must be taken when handling and installing this type of filter bag. The PTFE membrane can be added to most types of fabric filter media and offers the optimum filtration efficiency.

Fire Retardant: Chemical sprayed on surface treatment designed to reduce the probability of a spark igniting the filter media that has been treated. The treatment does not “fire proof” the filter media, but offers a modest level of protection against an occasional spark.

Acid Resistant: Sprayed on treatment improving media fabrics ability to resist acid attacks.

Antistatic Charge: A stainless steel grid patterned scrim is manufactured inside the felted fibers of the media. Anti-static design exceeds standards for static dissipation media below 10⁶ resistivity. Due to the unique design and proprietary needling technology used by our media supplier, the potential for product contamination is eliminated.

Oil & Water Repellent An Oleophobic dust release fluorocarbon resin treatment that is engineered for the efficient separation and release of wet, oily, fatty, sticky and agglomerating dust. Because the base felt is totally submerged in the chemical bath during the manufacturing process, each fiber is encapsulated with the treatment providing excellent dust release from both the surface, as well as the depth of the filter media.  is also good for non-continuous processes, where the temperature may drop near to the dew point. The ST-01 finish helps prevent the uptake of moisture by the needle felt, thus reducing the danger of excessive dust deposits and caking.

Rotective Impregnation:



This treatment makes it more difficult for moisture to penetrate into the needlefelt. Thus the risk of excessive dust deposits and caking is reduced.
Special impregnation based on TEFLON®. This treatment coats the fibre surface, thus providing it with the antiadhesive character of a PTFE finish.
An oil- and water-repelling effect is produced, and the fibres are effectively protected against acid and hydrolysis attack.
Special water-repellent treatment providing a high cleaning and separation efficient
Through the filter-active coating dust is already separated on the surface. In addition the antiadhesive surface reduces the adhesive forces between the filter medium and dust cake.
  • Optimized cleaning
  • Increased service life
  • High separation efficiency
  • PTFE-Coating, hydrophobic and oleophobic fibres, protection against acids and hydrolysis
Primary finish membrane, microporous foam coating, high separation efficiency, easy dust release, hydrophobic and oleophobic.
Antistatic Constructions
Optimum discharge of electrostatic charges, therefore suitable for potentially explosive areas, as well as for electrostatic, strongly chargeable/charged dusts.
  • permanent electrical conductive in accordance with DIN 54 345 part 1 by adding stainless steel fibres into the fibre mass in accordance with DIN 54 345 part 1 or
  • alternative in support of scrim in accordance with DIN 54 345 part 1 and part 5
Fire resistant protection
Special treatment using volcanic fibers to prevent heavy glowing particles having direct contact with the needle felt. Thus sparks could reach the filter surface without damaging the filter media. Different type of fire resistant protection are available and customized according to the intensity and load of the sparks.
BurgCage Support Cages:
Alimex offers a full range of different cages tailored and designed based OEM or customer specification. 
Alimex can manufacture cages from carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and coated with Epoxy, zinc and Teflon
With standard Wire thickness: from 3 to 6 mm , and vertical number of Wires: 8, 10, 12, 20 . The ring Spacing: 15 mm or 20 mm.
Top Construction:
- Rolled Ban Top - for SnapBand Bags top load design - Flat Flange - for Flange Top Bags top load design
- Spilt Collar - for Raw Edge Top Bags bottom load design
Bottom Construction:
Solid Pan Bottom
Fluorescent Powder
Alimex with its full-service team can assure the installation of a new set of bags or to locate any leaks cracks if dust emissions have increased.
Alimex can carry out this test using a colored fluorescent powder and ultraviolet light.
A wide range of colors can be supplied from ( pink, blue, green etc).
Color can be determined based on the application and the contrast with the dust for the best efficient results. The powder is injected into the raw gas stream of the dust collector.
Protection against acids and hydrolysis
Finishes For Fabric Media
rotective Impregnation
Antistatic Constructions
Fire resistant protection
BurgCage Support Cages
Fluorescent Powder
FilterBag-Treatments- Alimex Group
FilterBag-Treatments- Alimex Group
FilterBag-Treatments- Alimex Group
Hydrophobic, Oleophobic
Active finish, hydrophobic
FilterBag-Treatments- Alimex Group
FilterBag-Treatments- Alimex Group
Electrical conductive
FilterBag-Treatments- Alimex Group
FilterBag-Treatments- Alimex Group
FilterBag-Treatments- Alimex Group
FilterBag-Treatments- Alimex Group
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