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Polyimide Fiber (PI)
FilterBag- Alimex Group

The base material for P84® fibers is composed of aromatic backbone units only. Despite the non-melting aromatic, halogen free structure it is classified as a nonflammable material.

Due to its outstanding chemical and physical properties P84® fibers are used for a variety of applications ranging from filter media for high temperature filtration, protective clothing, sealing materials for space craft to various high temperature applications such as heat insulation.

P84® has an outstanding chemical resistance, however it is endangered under high alkaline moisture.

Typical fields of application:


  • Coal fired power stations

  • Cement Kiln dedusting

  • Calcining of gypsum

  • Lime shaft kilns

  • Melting furnaces

  • Hospital wastes

  • Hazardous wastes

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