Alimex Felts - the right filter media for every possible application

Alimex offers you a comprehensive range of Alimex filter media. These are usually made of a fiber layer and a supporting scrim. Due to the multi-layer fiber construction and the supporting scrim, felts are extremely compact, stable and mechanically robust.

Every scrim and fiber type has unique thermal, physical and chemical properties that are decisive for the performance and operational life of the Alimex felts. In addition, the ways of combining the different scrims and fiber types into a Alimex felt are almost unlimited. Based on decades of experience, our specialists from the Process and Application Technology match scrims and fiber types to your individual filtration process. This allows us to offer you Alimex, which are exactly tailored to the technical requirements of your dust collector.

Fiber and scrim types and their resistance to chemical impacts and temperature

Many production steps and needling processes with modern machinery are needed to turn fibers and scrims into a felt. The needle felt is subsequently further mechanically processed, for example, smoothed, calendared and then heat set. Afterwards, the needle felt can be refined with a surface or protective finish.



Each of our Alimex felts is characterized by the following technical data:

  • Fiber layer and supporting scrim

  • Area weight [ISO 9073-1]

  • Temperature resistance

  • Thickness

  • Air permeability [EN ISO 9237]

  • Pore volume

  • Tensile strength and elongation [ISO 9073-3]

  • Max. dimensional change

  • Surface and other properties

Of course, our Alimex felts are available in any length and width.

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Our ultimate goal is to help in making a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. We take the environmental challenges extremely seriously and we work hard to face them and eliminate their dangers.
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