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FiberGlass with PTFE
FilterBag- Alimex Group

Due to its mechanical propertie fiberglass gets only used in form of a woven fabric, additionally laminated and impregnated with an ePTFE membrane.

Converting PTFE raw material to a membrane product is a very complex process in addition to ensuring the impregnation of the membrane layer over the fiberglass which requires a strict tolerances to ensure a sufficient performance.

A support cages needs to follow a special fiberglass with membrane cage specification.

The impregnation PTFE is a costly production process. In return the fiber has an outstanding thermal and chemical stability and better ROI for these types of projects. Low emissions and continues low pressure drop is a key factor.

Typical fields of application:

  • Boiler dedusting (coal/biomass firings)

  • Bypass Dedusting

  • Waste incinerating plants

  • Cement kiln dedusting

  • Carbon Black

  • Chemicals industry

  • Food industry

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